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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Donald Rumsfeld Profits from the Avian Flu

Just when we were getting used to Dick Cheney and his connection to Haliburton we find out that Donald Rumsfeld was the Chairman of the Board and a major stockholder in Gilead, the research facility that created the Avian Flu cure Tami-Flu. Donald was the CoB of Gilead from 1997 to 2001 when he joined the Bush Administration - interestingly enough the forst reported outbreak of Avian flu in humans was also in 1997 - coincidence - perhaps.

Fast forward to the present day hysteria - new laws have been passed based on the fear fomented around a potential Avian Flu outbreak, the new laws go hand in hand with Rummy's desire to create a more police like state. These laws allow the federal government to impose martial law and to use the national Guard to enforce a quarentine on any area determined to have an outbreak of Avian Flu - let's not forget that these guys like to give shoot to kill orders to stop people who violate curfews.

So Rummy gets a tyranical law passed and he has made huge profits from the increased sale of Tami-Flu. This years estimated profits from the sale of Tami-Flu is expected to be around 1 billion dollars in comparisson to 248 million in 2004. Coincidence - perhaps not.

We need new laws to insure the checks and balances of power in this country. When corporatists become politicians they tend to bring along the interests of their former employers, it assures them that their stocks will be profitable and also insures that when their time in office is done, plenty of people will owe them favors -i.e. consulting or lobbying positions.

Corporations are not only profitting from their monitary contributions but also from close personal ties - the next best thing to nepotism; of course they do that to, just observe the Bush and Kennedy families to name a few. Not only do the rich get richer while the poor get poorer but the powerful remain powerful and we reamain powerless against their attacks against humanity.

Remember Anthax? Made in the U.S.A - released on the U.S.A
Terrorism? Many terrorists were trained, funded and put in power by the U.S.A. and now were fighting them.
Bird Flu - create a vaccine and if the epidemic doesn't come on it's own...

It begs the question: Are we creating problems so that we can profit from fixing them.
Like the glass repairman that was arrested for shooting out peoples windows - yeah just like that.


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