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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush Admitted to an 'Impeachable Offense'

Well well well... So finally a Senator dares to invoke the concept of impeachment for President Bush, It's about mother lovin time, as if lying to congress and the use of banned weapons, authorizing and defending torture, embarking on an illegal war weren't enough - no it only took something as simple as giving law enforcement the right to listen to our phone calls without a warrant - like they weren't already!
Well I'm not going to complain about the Dems being a day late and a dollar short, instead I'll relish the idea of Bush being dragged out of office kicking and screaming. Poetic justice would have his ass extraordinarily rendered to Burma, but I guess that's just a little too hopeful.

Boxer Asks Presidential Scholars About Former White House Counsel's Statement that Bush Admitted to an 'Impeachable Offense'
December 19, 2005
Washington, D.C. -- U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) today asked four presidential scholars for their opinion on former White House Counsel John Dean's statement that President Bush admitted to an "impeachable offense" when he said he authorized the National Security Agency to spy on Americans without getting a warrant from a judge.
Boxer said, "I take very seriously Mr. Dean's comments, as I view him to be an expert on Presidential abuse of power. I am expecting a full airing of this matter by the Senate in the very near future."
Boxer's letter is as follows:
On December 16, along with the rest of America, I learned that President Bush authorized the National Security Agency to spy on Americans without getting a warrant from a judge. President Bush underscored his support for this action in his press conference today.
On Sunday, December 18, former White House Counsel John Dean and I participated in a public discussion that covered many issues, including this surveillance. Mr. Dean, who was President Nixon's counsel at the time of Watergate, said that President Bush is "the first President to admit to an impeachable offense." Today, Mr. Dean confirmed his statement.
This startling assertion by Mr. Dean is especially poignant because he experienced first hand the executive abuse of power and a presidential scandal arising from the surveillance of American citizens.
Given your constitutional expertise, particularly in the area of presidential impeachment, I am writing to ask for your comments and thoughts on Mr. Dean's statement.
Unchecked surveillance of American citizens is troubling to both me and many of my constituents. I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter as soon as possible.
Barbara Boxer United States Senator


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