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Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The White House Criminal Conspiracy

The White House Criminal Conspiracy

Legally, there are no significant differences between the investor fraud perpetrated by Enron CEO Ken Lay and the prewar intelligence fraud perpetrated by George W. Bush. Both involved persons in authority who used half-truths and recklessly false statements to manipulate people who trusted them. There is, however, a practical difference: The presidential fraud is wider in scope and far graver in its consequences than the Enron fraud. Yet thus far the public seems paralyzed.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger TripleNeckSteel said...

read anything about your hero Mugabe yet?

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Seditionseed said...

Yeah, you were right on this guy - I saw this and it was enogh for me.

Not everything is black and white, a bad man can speak good words and the reverse is true as well.

You seem pretty down on socialism because it has failed in the past. This system we have is failing too.

So in all of your esteemed enlightenment please share with us what your ideal world would be. Survival of the fittest, unbridled capitalism? How would you envision a more perfect union? Do you believe that we should help each other out as people and fight corruption or do you believe that the end justifies the means?

I'm just curious about your world view.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger TripleNeckSteel said...

I don't have a "world view" per se...I tend to evaluate things with my own acumen rather than just assume something about someone based on a statement.

I think it's kind of naive- not to mention intellectually lazy- to fall back on the canard of "Bad people can still be right about things". By that logic, Hitler could have said some intelligent things, but we still must decry him in toto. The same goes for Mugabe, and I think if you really try, you'll find the same monstrous failures in Mao, Stalin, and Che/Fidle- these people are monsters.

Our system is not one of social Darwinism as you would suggest. It is, however, the one which has led to the emancipation and elevation (both economic and educational) of more people than any in history. I don't decry communism and it's runt littermate socialism simply because of their abysmal failure (100 million dead...) but because of what they are- they necessitate the subversion of individuality, and without that you have nothing. No totalitarian system has ever produced a vaccine, or disease cure, or great work of art, music or literature. Not one.

It's not mere prosperity I'm after- it's life. Commerce is the basis of freedom, and if you can't trade goods freely, then you certainly can't trade ideas freely either. How is our system failing- more minorities own homes than ever before. Unemployment is lower than when Clinton was in office. So is inflation. The stock market is trading at 95% of it's all-time high.

The problem with defenders of socialism is your fixation with this "dialectic of class struggle" nonsense- you believe wealth is a zero-sum game, and that for someone to gain wealth, that by definition someone else must be deprived of it. That is simply and obviously not true- as evidenced by the mere existence of the internet.

If you think capitalism is a cruel trick to enslave people, I can't imagine how you could think any form of forced collectivism (let's be honest- it would require force) would equate to more freedom.

Surely you are aware that Avakianism is a textbook example of a cult...

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Seditionseed said...

I'm not a big fan of Avakian - I think his choice of hats is silly.

The idea that something else might require force does not negate the fact that this system - forced capitalism already uses force in a massive scale to secure it's own predominance. I'm not a pacifist when it comes to protecting my life and those I care about, or even a complete stranger being oppressed - but I wouldn't condone violence to secure my financial interests or to bend others to my will. I think there are several ways people can live - no one way for everyone - but when one system imposes it's will on the unwilling - then it's gone too far.
Those in power who support the current system have been all about smashing opposing systems in order to maintain it's dominance. I refuse to believe there is no way to live well without oppressing others - yes I do believe as you said that in order for some to be rich, others must be kept poor - that's why we do things like outsource labor and vehemently fight against living wage laws - it's class war, wake up and acknowledge your own white privelege - take a walk on the other side of the tracks. It seems to me that you only care about yourself. ireally can't tell if you are just a habitual contrarian or just an appologist for the status quo. Are you a nice guy or egomaniac that holds everyone in contempt? I just can't tell.

So lets move away from platforms and talk about principles.

People's Power: The power to change our country and develop a society that places human needs over profit rests with the people. The people organized into democratically-controlled organizations and institutions are the wellspring from which a powerful movement for social/economic change must emerge. It is from the experience and struggles of the people that solutions to the severe crises facing our nation will be found. It is with the consent and will of the people that governments are legitimized and leaders empowered.

Progressive Unity: A powerful movement for change will emerge when everyday people aligned with grassroots activists, leaders and organizations operating from community, workplace and school power bases comes together in a unified, national, massive and mass-based, independent political movement and party, or an alliance of parties.

Economic Justice: Only through such a movement can we build a just and sustainable society in which the gross and obscene concentration of corporate power and personal wealth is overcome by the achievement of basic economic rights for all: secure jobs at living wages; decent, affordable housing; adequate food and clothing; universal health care; quality education; a safe, clean environment; an equitable, progressive tax system which taxes unearned wealth; sustainable food production based upon family farms and farm cooperatives; and protection from economic insecurity caused by disability, old age, sickness, accident or unemployment.

Economic Democracy/Workers' Rights: We support workers' rights to organize, to collective bargaining, to strike without the threat of reprisals or replacement, to safe and healthy working conditions, and to receive a living wage, pension and benefits. We support the development of new kind of economy which is democratically run by the people, including at the workplace, and not based on corporate greed.

Political Democracy: A democratic economy presupposes a democratic political system. The current electoral system has been privatized and bought up by the corporate rich who fund political campaigns. The electoral system's winner-take-all rules deny racial and political minorities their fair share of representation and power. We support fundamental political reforms aimed at finally realizing the full democratic promise of our country, including: easy access to voting; publicly-financed elections with full ballot access; equal access to media for all candidates; voting rights for immigrants; preferential ballots (ranking candidates in order of preference) for races electing a single candidate; and proportional representation in the election of legislative bodies.

Human Rights for All People: We support self-determination and treaty rights for the indigenous, Native nations within the borders of the U.S. and for all peoples, as well as affirmative action and reparations for people of color, women and other victims of historic injustice and oppression. We oppose the scapegoating and repression directed against immigrants, particularly immigrants of color. We are opposed to all forms of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, class, religious beliefs or non-belief, sexual orientation, disabilities, health status (including HIV), gender identity, national origin or citizenship. We support full reproductive freedom for women and oppose all forms of violence, particularly against women and children, including domestic violence, rape, incest and sexual harassment.

Equal Justice: We oppose the deep-seated racism and class bias that permeate our so-called "criminal justice system." We call for a crash program to re-train and re-structure those police departments that are steeped in a culture of racism, abuse, corruption and brutality. We support the development of a humane criminal sanction system that is genuinely about the rehabilitation of those who have engaged in anti-social activity, that punishes based on behavior, not race, gender, gender identity or class, and which depends on alternatives to incarceration except for those who pose a clear danger to society unless incarcerated. We oppose the racist and class-biased death penalty as cruel and unusual punishment. Drug addiction and mental illness should be treated as issues of public health, not criminal justice. We oppose the use of prison labor for private profit. We support the development of a legal system whose participants-judges, lawyers, court personnel, police, penal staff, jurors-reflect the class, race and gender composition of the affected community and individuals.

Peace and Anti-imperialism: We oppose militarism and the culture of violence which permeates our society. We call for major cuts in the military budget and the conversion of weapons-producing industries to socially-needed production. We oppose military intervention and interference abroad, economic coercion, colonialism and neo-colonialism, and political interference in the sovereign affairs of any other nation, including the indigenous Native nations within our own national borders.

Sustainable Environment: An ecologically sustainable society requires replacing the endless "growth" compelled by a profit-oriented economy with a democratic economy enabling people to gear production to human needs on a sustainable basis. We support the creation of an ecological economy where everyone's basic material needs are met through the sustainable use of non-toxic and renewable energy and materials. We oppose corporate attempts to shift the liability for environmental damage onto taxpayers; polluters must pay for the restoration of environmental damage. In place of the failed policy of regulating pollution releases, we call for pollution prevention, including a rapid phase-out of chlorinated compounds, trash incinerators, nuclear power plants, and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We call for a massive "Jobs for the Environment" program of public investment in the replacement of toxic technologies with ecological alternatives, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable organic agriculture, mass transit, biodegradable materials, solid waste reduction, recycling and clean composting, and eco-industrial parks for zero-emissions manufacturing.

Opposition to Racism and Sexism and Support for Diversity and Equality: People of color and women must be substantial in numbers in the membership and particularly in leadership of our independent politics network. Opposition to racism must be a priority for all people but especially for white people working in their communities to understand, confront and help others to unlearn racism. Men have a special responsibility to cultivate space for open expression of sexual orientation and gender and to provide a positive environment for participation by those of all abilities, sizes and ages.

Political Independence: We promote independent candidates and parties who subscribe to the above principles and who are outside of the corporate-dominated, Democratic and Republican parties, who are part of the problem, not the solution. We also support independent working class solidarity and action across international borders to counter the power of the multi-national corporations.

These are some of the principles put forth from the IPPN - and I support these ideas.

I know it's not easy, I know it's idealistic, I know that trying to get people to be nice is nigh impossible, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to give up the idea of social justice just because there may be obsticles in the way. I could give up, sell out, just live in the lap of poverty for the rest of my days and thank Jebus that I had the good fortune to be born in the greediest nation in history, but no I don't think I will.


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