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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Still Sucks

Osama Made Me Do It
Harold Meyerson
So let’s try to get this straight. We invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, except he didn’t, and because he was tied in to the attacks of September 11, except he wasn’t. We’re staying in Iraq, President Bush said Tuesday night, because terrorists with the same ideology as those behind 9-11 have congregated there since we arrived.

15 Things Learned About Bush&Co.: An Impeachment List.

Bernard Weiner
Here's a list of just 15 of the Bush Administration's most egregious misbehaviors, misadventures, misdemeanors & high crimes -- many of which could be used for impeachment purposes. Read 'em and weep at what our country has come to.

Bush Says US Seeks to Eliminate Torture Worldwide

In an Alice in Wonderland moment, George Bush claimed he is committed to the worldwide elimination of torture, and to the rule of law. As usual, Bush is in denial about the systematic torture carried out by his administration in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo Bay, and myriad secret CIA prisons around the world, in violation of both US and international law.

But then there’s this…

USA Reported to Have Confirmed Torture
Le Nouvel Observateur
According to a UN official, the United States has acknowledged cases of torture inflicted on prisoners in Afghanistan, in Iraq and at Guantánamo.

The Bush administration's environmental record

Open-Content project managed by League of Conservation Voters, Margie Roswell, Derek Mitchell
Her’s a nice little timeline of Bush’s environmental record put together by the Center for Cooperative research


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