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Thursday, June 23, 2005

BOTSWANA: Bushmen case enters second round

UN office for the coordination of human affairs
GABORONE, 9 May 2005 (IRIN) - An application by 243 San Bushmen to overturn the Botswana government's decision to resettle them outside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR), which they claim as their ancestral land, began its second round on Monday.

What the article fails to mention is the the Bushmen are being
removed from their ancestral lands to facilitate diamond prospecting by the diamond company the De Beers group, that has been exploiting the worlds diamond resources since 1888. The Botswanan government which has been described as having a relationship with the De Beers Group like that of Siamese Twins has stated that if diamond are found, they will be extracted regardless of whether or not they are on a national preserve.

This fight is extremely important as are others in the world, where indigeonous peoples are being removed from their lands and traditional lifestyles for the sake of profit. If self determination and sovereignity are to be valued as well as the concept of preserving traditional low impact lifestyles and cultures, something must be done to stop this virtual genocide. I call this genocide because for as long as the Bushmen have existed, they have lived where they are, near the graves of their ancestors, they have lived the same way for over 10 thousand years and now, without access to their lands and the abiltiy to hunt and forage in their traditional style, they have fallen into alcohol abuse out of boredom and the AIDS rate is rising. For a culture to survive for so long, simply to be decimated by the machinery of capitalism is a crime that cannot be excused. Like the original peoples of the United States, these original peoples are being raped of their culture, their dignity and their means of survival. Once their culture is gone, it will be gone forvever. Well maybe, the Botswanan government will eventually let them build some casinos.

The US Ambassador to Botswana can be reached at:
Ambassador Joseph HUGGINS embassy: address NA, Gaborone mailing address: Embassy Enclave, P. O. Box 90, Gaborone telephone: [267] 353982 FAX: [267] 312782


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