The Original American Malcontent

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

America Gone Wild

Has anyone noticed the veracity with which our current administration is attempting to obtain absolute control over every aspect of our lives? Traditionally Republicans, like Libertarians favor the idea of smaller governments, following the ideology that the best government is the government that governs least of all, but somewhere along the way all of that has changed, sort of.

It seems that the ideology of self determination only applies to corporations that fund the political machine, granting the executive officers of these swindling corporations a free pass, because to interfere with the production of capital is unacceptable in their eyes, however the average citizen is not granted such respect for their liberty.

Ever since this administration implemented it’s new Pearl Harbor plan, we have experienced more governmental influence in our daily lives than ever before. In a moment of orchestrated fear, we had the U.S. Patriot Act shoved down our throats, an act which doesn’t protect us from terrorism, but rather puts the intimate details of every Americans life in the hands of politicians and law enforcement agencies. The checks and balances to abuses of power have been removed, virtually enslaving the American people to the will of the government instead of the other way around.

Should we assume that the members this administration should be subjected to the same scrutiny by our new coalition of law enforcement that you and I are? Should we reasonably expect that the FBI might secretly check out what books Don Rumsfeld bought or perhaps that they could sneak into the Presidents home without a search warrant signed by a judge?

The President has reserved for himself and his cronies the executive privilege, a free pass to avoid all scrutiny by simply claiming that to divulge such information would be a threat to national security, even though we know that documents pertaining to the pre-meditated illegal war in Iraq and on American civil liberties has little to do with the nations security and everything to do with keeping his crimes against democracy and decency from public knowledge.

This week we are asking the president if he was involved in a conspiracy to fix the facts to fit the policy. The policy of course was regime change in Iraq, with the secondary policy goals of gaining Total Information Awareness of everyday citizens, controlling the propaganda spoon fed to the people through mainstream media, creating a Nazi style tip off program designed to pit neighbor against neighbor, parents against children, a program that could only lead to hostility and distrust.

We have seen the implementation of modern day gulags and the justification of torture, we have witnessed the attempt to destroy our social security, first to give a nice push to the stock market and secondly to destroy a program that was designed to give Americans more security than tax cuts for the rich ever did.

We have seen this administration back away from science and embrace the ideology of fairy tales, like the England some of our ancestors fled, we are having Christianity shoved down our collective throats in our schools, courthouses and public broadcast. George Bush believes he is on a mission from god, and history has shown that when megalomaniacal heads of state make that claim a lot of people are going to die. It’s hard for me to reconcile that the very same defense in court is not admissible and usually finds the inevitably convicted perpetrator in a nut house.

Why should we trust the sanity of a leader who pre-meditates the destruction of an entire civilization? Why should we trust a leader that uses coercion and terrorism to influence the public will and virtually force that same public into submission?

We have had the opportunity to watch the Republican party ignore the crimes of it’s own members while attempting to enforce the silencing of any dissent in Congress or the Senate. Democrat leaders are being bullied into subservience.

Only now five years into this repressive regime are starting to hear a few brave voices from the Democrats willing to try to stand up to the administration, but lo, the mighty administration forces us to hold unofficial hearings begging for the truth, while they hide in the sanctuary of privilege. Where are those checks and balances when the executive branch hold all the cards? Where is the accountability? Where is our recourse to right these terrible wrongs?
It’s time for Americans to look around a realize that America isn’t what it used to be, isn’t what it was supposed to be and if we keep the course, never will.


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