The Original American Malcontent

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Living Wage Debate

Geoff Aung
You've probably heard some of the Right's classic arguments against paying American workers a fair wage before - job loss this or free market that. Campus Progress is cutting through the Right's reductionist sound bites and rebutting their arguments, punch for punch, by dissecting some of the most common living wage criticisms.

Army's Rules for Blogging from the Battlezone

Paul Rieckhoff
The most stringent aspect of the policy is the registration requirement. Military bloggers in Iraq are required to register their sites with the chain of command. Anyone who writes for those sites is required to register as well. That means, in theory, there is a list somewhere of Soldiers’ websites and who contributes to them. I wonder if the rest of us can see that list… I’m always looking for some more raw news from the field.

June 2005: Phase II of the Anti-War Movement

Medea Benjamin
For the history books, mark down June 2005 as the moment the US movement against the occupation of Iraq got its second wind. In June, the US public became solidly anti-war, Bush's approval rating took a nosedive, and a significant number of Congresspeople started to call for an exit strategy. This marks a seismic shift from just one month ago, when Congress overwhelmingly passed another $82 billion for war-with only 44 members of the House and not one Senator dissenting.

Revolution in Bolivia

By Ryan Grim

The United States created the monster demonstrations by giving rise to their primary demand. At U.S. urging, Bolivia sold off majority control of its oil and gas company to Enron and Shell in December 1996 for $263.5 million, well less than 1 percent of what the gas alone is worth today. A decade later, indigenous Bolivians have the receipt and are demanding a refund.

Take the USA Patriot Pledge

The Yes Men

America is facing many serious challenges, both at home and abroad. Meeting these challenges will require Americans to make some new sacrifices over the coming four years. President George W. Bush is ready to lead us through these difficult times, but liberals don’t believe our citizens are ready to face hard choices. The political gridlock that results prevents the full realization of the goals of the Bush presidency.

Progressives to unveil 'core principles'

Josephine Hearn
A group of House Democrats will unveil a set of goals dubbed “The Progressive Promise” next week in an effort to put liberal priorities higher on the Democratic agenda and offer an alternative to conservatives’ vision of an “ownership society.”


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